Christie shares insights of the heart through her emotive vocals and brutally honest lyrics. Her ability to bridge genres from pop/rock and folk, to Rn’B and country, means musically diverse tracks provide a backdrop for her relatable lyrics.


Christie's music is rooted in her raw emotion and conviction of voice as she explores the tracks of your life. Her eclectic vocal tone allows Christie to walk the line of soulful pop and sincere country, creating a distinctive sound all her own.

A solid collection of musings on love, loss and relationships, Christie's raw lyrics demonstrate the experience of a woman wise beyond her years.

 Christie’s voice reaches out to listeners and reminds us that we’re not the only ones who have been there, while encouraging us to persevere.


Praise for Christie

"Christie has a strong folk-y voice and writes to allow for beautiful melodies and heartfelt lyrics. Hearing her sing and play live has been one of those not-forgotten goosebumpy moments." - Becca Lemire,

"Christie has the voice of an angel. You can't help but fall in love when you see her emote." - Rebecca Masters, Fan, Toronto


Toronto, Ontario | 416-827-4110